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Mixed Crocus (Also Available in single colours)

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Large Mixed Crocus (Blue,White,Yellow,Purple,Stripe)

These can be purchased in individual colours as well as mixed.
Easy to grow colourful bulbs  they appear in spring and perform best in large groups. The mix contains 5 colours
White, Stripe, Yellow and purple, plant at the front of borders in rockery and containers.

Flowering Time:- February – March.

Flowering Height:- 10 cm

Colour: White, Striped, Yellow, Purple, Blue,

Planting Instruction :-September – December, plant bulbs 3-4 inches deep 2 inches apart, can be planted in the lawn as well as pots beds and borders. Will tolerate most soil types, full sun or partial shade.



50, 100, 500, 1000


Blue, White, Yellow, Purple, Stripe, Mixed


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